Heterogeneous Catalysis Expert.doc

Version 2


    • R&D Leadership,
    • Product Development & Commercialization,
    • Heterogeneous Catalysis,
    • Gas Phase Reactions, Selective O2 alkanes oxidation, Reformation (H2) of Hydrocarbons,
    • Ethylene Polymerization,
    • Reactor Technology,
    • Metal complex synthesis & single crystal characterization.


    —Since obtaining the PhD, published several industrial patents, SCI peer review high impact papers and many papers presented in international conferences. My core area of research is synthesis of heterogeneous metal catalysts and the application in oxidation (O2), hydro-reformation (H2) of alkanes as well as de-polymerization.

    These reactions fall within a current challenge to modern catalysis towards the development of highly active and recyclable catalysts. Moreover, several research projects have been received as Principal Investigator and established our own research group.