Photocurrent and Surface Recombination Mechanisms  in the InxGa1−xN/GaN Different-sized Quantum Dot  Solar Cells

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    We present a p-i-n structured solar cell with stacked layers of InxGa1−x N Quantum Dots (QDs) with

    different indium composition. The photocurrent and surface recombination processes are investigated in the

    i-region. We have shown that the QDs in the i-region can play the role of both generation or recombination

    centers. The photocurrent has been calculated by self-consistent method to solve continuity equation of

    charge carriers in the layers of the i-region. By changing the Indium composition in Inx Ga1−xN QDs, the

    band gap of QDs varies and therefore provides a considerable overlapping with solar spectrum. Proposed

    SC with different-sized QDs and different Indium composition leads to absorption of a desirable wavelength

    range of solar spectrum and therefore a “rainbow” solar cell can be designed.