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Greetings from the Little Apple (Manhattan, KS)

Blog Post created by Adam Kell on Nov 9, 2012

This is Ann from China and Adam from the US, both currently studying at Kansas State University. We are excited to participate in IDSS, as it is a great opportunity. As scientific research has become very collaborative, we want to learn as much as possible in order to increase our collaboration and communication skills. We believe these skills are the most important when trying to bridge cultural barriers. So we look forward to hearing all the views and ideas put forth by other students.


A key to good collaborations is contact with a diverse group of people. This is crucially important for universities, who need a diverse student population that can come up with various problem solving approaches. Even when a diverse group is present, there can still be challenges in expressing or agreeing on ideas. This is when understanding good communication skills becomes important. We hope to better these skills for ourselves at the summit, and then help in increasing communication between others in our local section.


What strengths do a collaborative team have over an individual? What kind of advantages do you think are unique to culturally diverse research groups?


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