Justin Foy

Perfect the kite of communications

Blog Post created by Justin Foy on Nov 13, 2012

Hello from Raleigh everyone!


We have had a great time thus far, arriving last night with no problems everyone on the IDSS team met and went out to dinner for the first time at the Big Easy which is located right down the street from our hotel. The food was amazing as well as the company, it seems like a really good group has been selected for the summit. We all talked for hours of our experiences in research, our respective schools and future career goals. 


Today was a very busy day full of discussions and workshops to our enhance communication skills and career goals. We would like to thank the enthusiastic facilitators of the workshops: Dr. HN Cheng and Dr. Jodi Wesemann for leading the all day events.


At the very start of the first workshop: engaging colleagues, we were able assess the strengths and weaknesses of our own dialogue styles and from then were engaged in groups to practice the different dialogue styles. It was simply through practicing and role playing that we were able to discover more effective ways for communication and the different situations where they can be most effective.


Our group from the very beginning was great. We were very impressed that everyone was engaged in the topics the entire day. It seemed like everyone had something to learn from this.


The most impressive and exciting part of this workshop was visualizing our communication profiles by using a “kite” scheme. It displayed our own communication skills in such a straightforward and clear way that we were able to identify both the strengths and weaknesses as soon as we sketched it out. We really appreciated the idea of perceiving quantitative evaluations in a dynamic contrasting manner. Feeling like the kite engraved in our brains, we have found it so easy to remind ourselves which skills we need to improve at any time.


It was a very full day of discussions and meetings which were very productive. This was only a warm up to the actual summit tomorrow which we are looking forward to.