Reflections on the ACS Workshops

Blog Post created by kmarti04 on Nov 17, 2012

Both Aruny and I found the workshops earlier this week to be very informative and interesting. I personally liked the "Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue" because I have had difficulty in the past convincing people of my point of view. This workshop has provided me with tools to facilitate respectful and fruitful discussion with people that disagree with me. I also enjoyed the career workshop. Although I have a very good idea of what I want to do after finishing graduate school (right now at least), it was helpful to learn about the other opportunities available to chemists and chemical engineers.

I (Aruny) really enjoyed this first day at the IDSS.. Or how a workshop about engaging the dialogue was a kind of ice-breaker for all of the delegates.

Language barriers, I say! So, it is sometimes difficult to communicate even if we talk the same language, imagine when 9 non native speakers with different backgrounds met 9 others american people, it is quite challenging! But the dialogue workshop  was a kind of practice for me, direct, immediate and spontaneous application of the tips from H.N.: ENGAGING colleagues to discuss!

And what about the career workshop?! WOWW, I learnt a lot of things and it helped to redefine what I am supposed to enjoy as a job in my life, revelation, I say! You never stop learning..... ( sorry for my Frenglish = French + English)

Thank you to H.N. Cheng for the leadership workshop and to Jodi Weismann for the career workshop!


-Lee and Aruny