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Hi Everyone!

We are Evijola (Evi) from Albania and Milana from US. We are both undergraduate chemistry majors here at St. John’s University. Our paths crossed two years ago in our Quant Class. Since our first encounter, we have worked on lab experiments, problem sets, projects, community service, and many others. Chemistry brought us together and gave rise to a sincere friendship to blossom. We believe that communication is the key to success in teamwork.  The cultural differences if not understood and respected can create barriers in communication. However, if they all well known and learned upon, they are great bridges of collaboration. We are looking forward to IDSS to learn more on improving the intercultural collaborations and making the lab experience even a more interesting one. We enjoy what we are doing and we would like to share our passion and views about chemistry, our teamwork experience, as well as our cultural backgrounds with our peers. The IDSS will be a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about multicultural challenges and networking.  In addition, through this involvement, we hope to gain new perspectives of the scientific research world that we daily engage in.

What do you think the society should do to minimize cultural barriers of communications? How can we encourage and facilitate international collaborations?

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions!