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Xin Su

Mountains without barriers

Posted by Xin Su Nov 7, 2012

"Molecules in the mountains" is the motto of the chemistry department here at Dartmouth, but we never just let our molecules condense in the Upper Valley, nor ourselves - the chemists. And that is one of the messages we want to send through ACS IDSS.


A Chinese who travelled more than seven thousand miles from the continent of Asia and a native of New Hampshire who has been living here for more than twenty years - we are Xin and Justin, labmates, collaborators and friends for the past three years. While constantly exchanging ideas on our projects, discussing cool papers and teaching each other lab tips and tricks, we also enjoy watching Dartmouth sports and unique and beautiful scenery in New Hampshire together. Differences in language and cultural background are always a catalyst rather than a barrier for us to understand each other.


The mountains in New Hampshire never manage to isolate us from our peers either. We are actively involved in events and conferences hosted by the NESACS, despite the fact that we are spatially the most far away NESACS member school from Boston. While we have already been trying to promote international understanding within chemists at Dartmouth, it is still challenging to bring a broader impact on our local NESACS community, and we would like to hear from you, the reader, for any feedback and suggestions.


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Finally, let's take a peek in the Aprahamian lab!

Hi this is Liping from Shanghai, China and Melissa from North Carolina. We are both graduate students in the same polymer lab at Colorado School of Mines.  We are getting more excited about the approaching IDSS summit. When we first heard about this summit, we felt that it was designed for us because we are already labmates and best friends.  Over the past four years, we have had many discussions about our respective cultures to try to better understand each other.  The IDSS will be a good platform to share our experience and participate in a formal discussion about this topic which has become important to both of us.  According to our experience, we believe that an open-mind is essential for building relationships between international and domestic students. If you are willing to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone, you will be rewarded with some great experiences and good friends. And in the best case scenario, you will have a place to stay and a local guide as you travel the world. Will you please share your experience in building friendships across cultural boundaries? What do you think is the most important thing to enhance the relationship?