• To have no voice

    On Thursday I woke up without a voice.  It was the first full day of the conference and we had oral presentations before lunch and the shared poster session in the evening.  It is incredibly frustrating to n...
    Melissa Kern
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  • Reflections on the ACS Workshops

    Both Aruny and I found the workshops earlier this week to be very informative and interesting. I personally liked the "Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue" because I have had difficulty in the past convincing people of my...
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  • Time to ask what we can do for ourselves

    There is a famous quote from John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country”. After spending a lot of the day to ask what ACS can do for us, it is the tim...
    Liping Zhu
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  • Learning at the IDSS

    Having spent two days in Raleigh, NC at the International-Domestic Student Summit of the ACS was awesome! The tips we learned on Monday from Dr. H. N. Cheng on how to communicate more effectively with our colleagues, ...
    John Baluyut
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  • Learning never ends!!

    When i started writing this post i had initially begun describing things that we had learnt but then i felt that sharing my own personal experiences might add a different flavor to the whole thing.   Now, as a m...
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  • Greetings…From the home of the Dallas Cowboys

    Even though one team member hardly knows anything about (American) football and the other is a Houston Texans fan, “America’s Team” might be the major thing that draws brings attention to the City of...
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  • Moments of Self Reflection

    For two Colorado students, starting at 7:30 am, 5:30 am in Mountain Time was a struggle.  Fortunately H.N. CHEN caught our focus and kept us interacting. The time difference maybe takes a couple days to adjust, b...
    Liping Zhu
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  • Finding your Pathway

    What do you want to do after you graduate? What career plans do you have? If you're like me, sometimes these questions can be quite daunting because I'm really not sure what is in store for me. I have a lot of interes...
    Jessica Reed
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  • Breaking the iceberg of culture

    After getting warmed up from yesterday's two workshops, the entire IDSS group really hit our prime today! The overall two-day agenda was indeed perfectly designed since the workshops allowed us to sharpen our communic...
    Xin Su
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  • Perfect the kite of communications

    Hello from Raleigh everyone!   We have had a great time thus far, arriving last night with no problems everyone on the IDSS team met and went out to dinner for the first time at the Big Easy which is located rig...
    Justin Foy
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  • Hello from the cornfields of central Illinois!

    Hello from the cornfields of central Illinois! Champaign-Urbana, Illinois is a paradoxical microcosm that blends a hi-tech and exceedingly international micro-urban area with the farmland and football-loving Midwest.&...
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  • Hello from the Big Apple (NYC)

    Hi Everyone! We are Evijola (Evi) from Albania and Milana from US. We are both undergraduate chemistry majors here at St. John’s University. Our paths crossed two years ago in our Quant Class. Since our firs...
    Milana Zirkiyeva
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  • Hello from Iowa State University!

    John came to Ames, Iowa from the very busy and bustling city of Manila, Philippines, halfway across the globe. "Anything below 70 is too cold for us," he always says. Jessica, on the other hand, hails from central Ill...
    Jessica Reed
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  • Greetings from the Little Apple (Manhattan, KS)

    This is Ann from China and Adam from the US, both currently studying at Kansas State University. We are excited to participate in IDSS, as it is a great opportunity. As scientific research has become very collaborativ...
    Adam Kell
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  • How to get an international BFF

    Hi this is Liping from Shanghai, China and Melissa from North Carolina. We are both graduate students in the same polymer lab at Colorado School of Mines.  We are getting more excited about the approaching IDSS s...
    Liping Zhu
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  • Mountains without barriers

    "Molecules in the mountains" is the motto of the chemistry department here at Dartmouth, but we never just let our molecules condense in the Upper Valley, nor ourselves - the chemists. And that is one of the messages ...
    Xin Su
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  • Hi everybody, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hola, Namaste…!

         We are Kathleen (Lee) from the US and Aruny from France and we are both students at the University of New Mexico (UNM) and work at Sandia National Laboratories’ Advanced Materials Labora...
    Aruny Loch
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