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ACS Webinar: Chemicals & the Economy, Mid-Year Review

Blog Post created by Tanya Fogg on Jun 24, 2011

This upcoming ACS Webinar will be held on Thursday, July 7 from 2-3 PM Eastern Time.



In our continued discussion, we take another look at Financial markets which are again becoming more volatile,

threatening the value of our pensions and investments. Commodity markets are soaring, pushing up the cost of living. What are the underlying causes of these dramatic developments? Join our speaker, Paul Hodges, of International eChem, as he shares strategies for riding the waves of these uncertain economic waters. Learn how understanding the economy and chemical industry trends can help you better plan for your career and business.


What You Will Learn

 What’s happening to the economy in the USA and globally

 How will the ageing of the wealthy Western BabyBoomers change chemical demand patterns

 The outlook for key markets such as housing and autos

 A clearer employment outlook for the economy and chemical industry



Learn about speakers Paul Hodges (Internationale-Chem) and Cheryl Martin (Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers) on our website: www.acswebinars.org/hodges2011.