• How can you seperate to oils from each other?

    Specifically how can you separate jojoba oil from a lighter oil
    Skyler Cisneros
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  • Vapor water density at STP

    Hello. I bought the book "Quimica" (Chemistry in english). I started to read it and a notice this. In page 3 it says that in STP water in gas state has Xxxx density. How do you can have water in gas state at STP? Tha...
    Emilio León
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  • Using isoamyl acetate to add fragrance to wax

    Hello, I am a researcher attempting to formulate a scented wax bait for trapping pests. The pest I work with is attracted to banana scent so I ordered a bottle of liquid isoamyl acetate from fischer. I see that it is...
    Ariane McCorquodale
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  • Is it possible to create artificial (EGF) Epidermal Growth Factor that has the ability to interact with human cells?

    and if so, where can I find them? Thank you for answering!
    Haya Basel
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  • Ester to be used on hair

    I am looking to run an experiment; however, I am unable to find an ester that fits what the parameters. A clear ester that is not miscible in water, liquid at room temperature, safe to use and has ...
    Emanoil Shafik
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  • Is there a graph showing the energy content in transport for bio-ethanol and petroleum

    I am doing a research assignment and am having trouble finding a graph comparing the energy of transport in bio-ethanol and petroleum. my research question is can bio-ethanol produce and eco-friendly energy alternativ...
    Naia Anderson
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  • How to calculate the required solvent density of CO2 for a particular solute?

    How can one calculate the necessary solvent density of CO2 for a particular solute?  What happens at a molecular level that allows the solvent to target that particular solute, and not others?
    Bethany Luhrs
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  • Chlorine Gas and Feldspars

    Hello   Does Chlorine Gas react with K-Feldspar? If so, what is the reaction like (reaction conditions, rates, safety), and what are the products? Can it form useful potassium compounds (eg K-fertilisers)?
    Daniel Loudon
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  • Surface tension in superfluids?

    I'm not a chemist, but I'm doing research for a novel and would like to know if superfluids exhibit cohesion, specifically, if they exhibit surface tension. Any insight would be appreciated!
    Andrew Middleton
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  • epoxy adhesive and mineral oil

    this question is about the long-term interaction of cured epoxy and food-grade mineral oil.   i am a sculptor and worked with a glass-casting studio to produce large-size hollow sculptures that were intended to...
    Andra Ursuta
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  • Product Formula

    I am trying to develop a DIY all purpose cleaner for my kitchen. I’ve used washing soda, distilled water and Castile soap. It seems effective but what chemical can I use to get the spray to produce more suds to ...
    Chloe Hunter
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  • Strengthening a Hydrogel Mask

    Hello, I'm not a chemist but I am an aesthetician. I've been working on a hydrogel mask made from agar agar powder. (Think Neutrogena Hydrogel mask) The mask solidifies but it rips easily. How can I strengthen the for...
    Annastazia Unce
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  • Chemical structure modification

    Let's imagine,   There are 2 molecules which have the same elements and the same number of atoms but the chemical structure is different.   Molecule A= a3b7 Molecule B= a3b7 A is synthesized from source ...
    Niaz Mirza
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  • Cross-reference of GC Columns

    In the ACS monograph for GC chromatography, Type I, Type II and Type III columns are listed. Does any know the cross-references to the USP classification and or what type of Restek or Agilent columns these would refer...
    Stephen Marcinko
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  • Isomerization/reverse isomerization/chemical structure modification

    Hi,     I am a clinical research professional. I discovered a  molecule which is an isomer of medicinally important other molecules. Chemical structural modification of my invented molecule can be used...
    Niaz Mirza
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  • Can you flip a skeletal structure?

    I want to make sure that I am drawing a skeletal structure properly. As long as all of the lines and letters are in the exact same position, can I rotate or flip the drawing?   Thank you!!!
    Katelyn Fletcher-McPhee
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  • How to prepare buffer?

    On a student lab practical manual for extraction of plant pigments,  under the reagent line it says: Prepare citrate-phosphate-borate-HLC buffer, pH 2,3,5, and 7. How to prepare this/these buffer(s)?
    Wai Fun Leong
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  • Chemical Reactions

    Good day masters!!!,Is there a book containing all possible chemical reactions in the world Thank you very much
    Bathalang Ekup
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  • The philosopher's stone

    Good day sir/madam! Is it possible to turn Mercury into gold? Thank you
    Bathalang Ekup
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  • C3H8O2 + Na2CO3 + H2O

    What would happen if you mixed sodium carbonate (soda ash) and inhibited propylene glycol in warm water? Thank you!
    alice bee
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