• Metallic oil and water hourglass?

    So for the first time in a long time I ran out of money just before a gift exchange I completely forgot about. Friend suggested I make something. I like making things! Buuut they're never simple. So I dug out allll th...
    Riley Hogan
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  • Banana peel extract asap

    I extracted the banana peel by boiling distilled water then putting the banana peel and boiled water in a container. Then, I let it cool down and I homogenized the mixture and then I filtered the slurry. The result is...
    Adriane Estrella
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  • Filtering black-ish banana extract. Will it still have the antioxidants in the extract?

    So I made a banana peel extract. Here is the procedure. I boiled distilled water and put in a container along with the banana peels. I let the containter cool down and after that I homogenized the mixture. Then I f...
    Adriane Estrella
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  • Please help! Will tin react or leach when exposed to a mild acid or mild alkaline?

    Hi there!   I'm working with a team that is selecting the packaging for a few food products. We're considering using metal lids that are made of tin.   From what I've read, it sounds like tin is fairly no...
    Benjamin Bernhardt
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  • Will the Dehydration of 4-Hydroxyphenylacetone with H2SO4 afford Phenylacetone?

    Hello   Is it possible to eliminate the Para Hydroxy Group from 4-Hydroxyphenylacetone(CAS.770-39-8) with H2SO4 to afford Phenylacetone?
    Markus Sandoz
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  • Why didn't my hydrogen/oxygen mixture produce a bang?

    Every year, my kids and I destroy our Halloween pumpkins in a fun way. This year, we made a hydrogen/oxygen mixture from stainless steel plates and a battery charger in a baking soda/water mixture. A funnel captured a...
    Shawn Wilson
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  • Relationship between brightness, absorbance and transmittance of light?

    (Chemiluminescence)   Let me know if this is correct...   The more bright a solution, the greater absorbance, and hence the lower the transmittance????
    Siobana Navarro
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  • Purifying Benzil

    A reaction to convert benzoin to benzil using a Cu+2 catalyzed oxidation didn't go to completion. Purify the benzil.   - I was thinking about recrystallizing the benzil, but wasn't sure if that was the best way...
    Kim Dolhon
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  • How does this product produce its heat?

    Hello everyone. I'm curious to how this product works. What causes it to produce heat?   Product Page - https://www.amazon.com/Bior%C3%A9-Charcoal-Self-Heating-Minute-Count/dp/B00G7U29 KQ?th=1   Ingredien...
    Alex Fauth
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  • How much heat will be released if a 98% (m/m) H2SO4 solution is diluted to 96% (m/m)

    I know i have to look at the reaction enthalpy. Normally for diluting sulphuric acid the following reactions occurs:   (1)     H2SO4 + H2O --> H+ HSO4- +H2O (2)     HS...
    nico groen
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  • Makeup line

    Hey my name is Taleesha and I have a passion for creating a makeup line. I know i would have to find a chemist and i don’t really know how to go about doing that. I know exactly what kind of makeup i would like ...
    Taleesha Rice
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  • Does a 3D model of hardystonite exist? I can't find one.

    If there isn't one, how would the elements go together?
    Daniel Dennis
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  • how do you create a 0.2N solution of sodium hydroxide using powdered sodium hydroxide

    Hi,   Thank you for you help- we are looking to create a 0.2N solution of sodium hydroxide to use in our food processing business using powdered sodium hydroxide.  We currently purchase the solution pre-mad...
    Nicholas Beaulieu
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  • Substituting anhydrous for monohydrous and vice versa

    Heyo! I'm preparing a growth medium for mold, following the recipe below.   Dissolve the following ingredients, in the order listed, into 500ml of cold tap water: 44.0 grams Lactose Monohydrate, 25.0 grams corn...
    Drew Opland-Evers
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  • Diffusion of alcohol through a gel

    Hi there - I am writing a science activity for elementary students for a STEM camp focusing on the science of slime. The activity involve demonstrating diffusion. I made clear slime with borax and glue, please a small...
    Stephanie Morris
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  • Alloys - White Gold

    Is there a chemical formula for white gold?
    Daniel Dennis
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  • Is polysorbate 20 the same thing as palm oil?

    Is polysorbate 20 the same thing as palm oil?
    Gerald Martin
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  • mixing acid with alkaline

    I am making a mix with the following ratios water 1200 litres Phosphoric acid 250 litres potassium hydroxide 360 kgs   When I add the hydroxde to the acid water it give off a violent reaction and heats up. I...
    Chris Roberts
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  • Confused on a medium described in an article

    Heyo! I'm a high-school student in my senior year. For a scientific research project, my group will be attempting to isolate penicillin from bread mold. On a website explaining the process (linked below), it says to ...
    Drew Opland-Evers
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  • Potassium alum as an astringent?

    Is potassium alum safe to apply anally as an astringent?
    Gerald Martin
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