Vivian McNeill

ACS Policy Statement on Climate Change 2016-2019

Blog Post created by Vivian McNeill on May 4, 2017

In 2015-2016, the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement updated the ACS Policy Statement on Climate Change. The new statement, valid for 2016-2019, is now available via the ACS website. The language and the recommendations of the statement were refreshed since the previous version, but the clear message remains:


"The Earth’s climate is changing in response to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and particulate matter in the atmosphere, largely as the result of human activities. Chemistry is at the heart of understanding the climate system and integral to addressing the development and deployment of new emission reduction technologies and clean energy alternatives. The American Chemical Society (ACS) acknowledges that climate change is real, is serious and has been influenced by anthropogenic activity."


Global Climate Change - American Chemical Society