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Hello from the CCAS chair - Report from Boston

Blog Post created by Spiro Alexandratos on Aug 28, 2010

Dear CAS Users -


As chair of CCAS, it was a pleasure to work with the CCAS committee members and CAS staff to move ahead with our goal of ensuring the flow of information between CAS users and CAS. Elsewhere on this web site, Grace Baysinger (who is the prime mover in getting this site into the wonderful shape it is) posted the report that I gave at the meeting of Council on Wednesday August 25. As you can see from that document, the entire committee is focused on outreach to CAS' many constituents, including local sections, community colleges, and patent users. If you feel that there is a group that is not being served by our outreach efforts, please let me know and we will correct that.


This blog is one way that I, and future CCAS chairs, will stay in touch with CAS users. I will write periodically about our progress as a committee.


I am glad to note that CAS users have already chosen to contact me with questions through e-mail (alexsd@hunter.cuny.edu). You are also most welcome to contact any CCAS member with any question or concern. I can assure you that CAS president Bob Massie and his entire staff are committed to being responsive to the issues you raise. Each query will be addressed. CAS operates for the benefit of the scientific community and CCAS can be your first point of contact if there is an issue that concerns you.


with best wishes - Spiro



Spiro Alexandratos

Professor of Chemistry, Hunter College of the City University of New York

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