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On behalf of the Winter 2012 Chemical Information Bulletin edotor:

"The new issue (Volume 64, Number 4: Winter 2012) of the Chemical Information Bulletin is available at the CINF website at: The issue features reports from the 2012 Fall ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. In this issue: Letter from the Chair Award Announcements CINF Technical Program Highlights: An Interview with Rachelle Beinstock Science and the Law: Analytical Data in Support of Regulation in Health, Food and Environment Hunting for Hidden Treasurers: Chemical Information in Patents and Other Documents Cheminformatics and Drug Repurposing Future of the History of Chemical Information Herman Skolnik Award Symposium Honoring Henry Rzepa and Peter Murray-Rust Global Opportunities in Chemical Information Legal, Patent, and Digital Rights Management in Publishing Before and After Lab: Instructing Students in ‘Non Chemical’ Research Skills Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group CINF Communications and Publications Committee CINF Education Committee ACS Council Council Committee on Nomenclature, Terminology and Symbols Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications CINF Social Networking Events.

"Sincerely, Svetlana Korolev, editor"

CINF members who were fortunate enough to attend the Wednesday afternoon symposium in San Diego on research evaluation heard several great presentations.  For those who were not able to attend, I'm submitting a symposium summary article for the next issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin, so please look out for it.  Some of the presentations were recorded and will be made available by ACS.  Several speakers also gave permission for their slides to be made available, so I'm hoping to add links from the CINF website to content from the sympsosium.

In the meantime, if you want to read more about research program assessment/evaluation, there is a nice blog posting from a recent meeting of UKSG (UK Serials Group) on this topic. ml

Damien Avoce

Presenting myself

Posted by Damien Avoce Apr 24, 2011

Hi everybody,

I new in the group. I am member of ACS since 2010. I have a PhD in Chemistry and a Certificate in Applied Informatics. I am presently a postdoc and a lead developer for a molecular dynamics project at UC Davis. The project is shared with 3 other universities.


Damien Avoce

New e-mail address.


My e-mail has changed to


Best regards,