Louis Dupont

Spell "SUCrOSe"

Blog Post created by Louis Dupont on Jan 15, 2014

Like last year, we will have a contest to engage participants and to encourage them to visit as many tables as possible.  I would ask 5 companies who are volunteering to be willing to have a single stamp and stamp pad, so that you can mark your featured element on participants passports.  The location of the 5 companies with the stamp pads is supposed to be a secret, but you can give hints to the participants if you want to.  When the participants have all 5 stamps on their passports, they can fill out their name, address, phone or e-mail address and return the completed passport at the attendants table.  Thank you for volunteering to perform this.  It will be a great way to engage the participants!!


The 6 companies who will have an assigned element will be:

  • Honeywell       "S"
  • Company 2     "U"
  • Company 3     "Cr"
  • Company 4     "O"
  • Company 5     "Se"