Kate Sellar

MPPG and ACS National Meeting Themes

Blog Post created by Kate Sellar on Aug 12, 2013

How does the Society choose themes for the national meeting? A DAC subcommittee, known as MPPG (Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group), works with divisions to select a theme, and build programs in support of it. While MPPG communicates year-round with divisions on this matter, a key part of the process – the most important part of the process – involves a face-to-face meeting at each national meeting. The meeting is typically held on Saturday, from 1-4pm. All division MPPG reprentatives are urged to attend this meeting, not only to represent their division’s interests, but to contribute and comment on key matters regarding the selection, development, and execution of thematic programming.

If you have any questions about thematic programming, or the planning meeting in Indianapolis, please contact the MPPG staff liaison, Richard Love (r_love@acs.org).