Kate Sellar

Efforts to Assist Divisions with International Outreach Efforts

Blog Post created by Kate Sellar on Aug 13, 2013

DAC and the International Activities Committee (IAC) are eager to provide additional support to divisions that wish to engage scientists outside of the U.S. As a first step in this process, DAC and IAC are partnering to understand the collective international engagement efforts currently being made by divisions.


The first part of this effort involved distributing a survey to all divisions in July designed to provide the Society with:


  1. An inventory of division outreach efforts,
  2. A list of international division ‘success stories’
  3. A list of challenges encountered by divisions
  4. Suggestions from the divisions in terms of how DAC and IAC can better support them as they seek to engage internationally. 


At the Indianapolis meeting, DAC and IAC will meet to discuss the preliminary results from the data compiled from completed division surveys. Included in those discussions will be determining the next steps in this process. Possible outcomes include instructional webinars, ‘best practices’ documents, a new track for delivery at the Leadership Institute, and more. The two committees thank all the divisions who took the time and effort to complete and return their surveys. For more information on ACS International Activities, please visit www.acs.org/international

If you need to contact a staff person, please e-mail Brad Miller, Staff Liaison to IAC (b_miller@acs.org), or John Katz, Staff Liaison to DAC, (j_katz@acs.org).