Carol Payton

Division Officer and Division Councilor Caucus in Dallas: Tuesday, March 18, from 4-6 PM

Blog Post created by Carol Payton on Feb 27, 2014

The Division Officers’ and Councilors’ Caucus (DOC/DCC) provides a unique opportunity for Division Officers and Councilors to connect with each other within their division and, more importantly, make new associations with division officers and councilors from other divisions.

In addition to the regular committee briefings from the Board of Directors, Budget & Finance, Constitution and Bylaws, Divisional Activities, and staff reports, this meeting in Dallas will provide a unique opportunity for the attending Division Officers and Councilors to share best practices and experiences on recruiting and retaining members.


Here is the agenda for the DOC/DCC meeting in Dallas:


Division Officers’ and Councilors’ Caucus
Sheraton Dallas, Lone Star Ballroom C3
Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 4:00 - 6:00 pm


1. Call to Order,  Bill Daly, Chair, Divisional Councilors Caucus
2. Welcome,  Rodney Bennett, Chair, Divisional Officers Caucus
3. Approval of minutes from Indianapolis meeting, Sharon Shoemaker, Secretary 5 minutes




4. Board of Directors, Bill Carroll 10 minutes
5. Budget & Finance 10 minutes
6. Constitution and Bylaws, Roger Egolf 10 minutes
7. Abstracts Replacement & Magnet Mail, LaTrease Garrison 15 minutes
8. Update on the ACS Leadership Development System™ (ACS LDS) 10 minutes
9. Divisional Activities Committee & Division Allocation Formula, Michael Morello 20 minutes
10. Division Best Practices and Activities Engaging Members Discussion 40 minutes


New Business


11. Caucus Reception (Discuss replacement for the DOG dinner and Program Chair Luncheons)  10 minutes
12. Other New Business
13. Adjourn


Topics of Discussion


The Division Officers’ and Councilors’ Caucus provides a unique opportunity to meet officers in other divisions and to hear about the successes and difficulties the divisions are facing.  Perhaps another division has found a successful way to address the same issues you have.  Do you know your fellow officers from other divisions?

From the topics below, the Caucus Co-Chairs hope to stimulate inter-divisional discussions to support your Division goals and objectives.


• What are the Best Practices (activities / programs) that your Division believes have been highly successful in promoting the Division’s mission and providing value to their members?
• What initiatives are your Division taking to recruit New Members?
• What are the opportunities for Funding available to Divisions?  Multiple sources of funding are actually available to Divisions.  What are they?
• How are the Divisions using the ACS Website?  Do Divisions find value in the Divisional Activities Committee information on the website?  What additional information should be included?
• How active are the Divisions with Local Sections and Regional Meetings?  Are these interactions successful and what are the barriers, if any?
• How active are the Divisions with Associate Societies?  What are some of the programs and events Divisions are currently engaged in?
• Which Divisions participate in Thematic Programming?  Do Divisions find Thematic Programming helpful?  How could Thematic Programming at national meetings be improved?
• How active are Divisions in International Activities?  Of those Divisions who are active, which programs have been most effective and why?