Carol Payton

Guidance for Divisions That Wish to Record at National Meetings

Blog Post created by Carol Payton on Feb 27, 2014

As most of you know, ACS Presentations on Demand is a program through which the Society works with divisions to identify, capture, and post hundreds of national meeting presentations which are made available to ACS members. The ACS Coordinating Editor, Jerry Skotnicki, is eager to continue to work with divisions to identify the most appropriate presentations for this program. Jerry’s e-mail address, if you want to contact him on any ACS POD matter, is The primary staff contact person supporting Jerry in his role as Coordinating Editor is April Orr.


On occasion, DAC is asked if divisions can record content outside the context of ACS POD. The answer to that question is a qualified ‘yes.’ In order to do this, divisions must use the official ACS vendors for recording content. There are three reasons for this: (1) To ensure a certain level of recorded quality, (2) to honor contractual agreements to the A/V vendors that they will be the official ACS providers (a designation which earns ACS the lowest available fees from the providers) and (3) to ensure that ACS does not violate any existing union contractual arrangements with a particular city/venue.


In addition to using the official A/V providers, divisions must be willing to pay for the cost of capturing the content, preparing it for posting, and the hosting the content. If you have any questions about what these costs are, please contact Carol Payton. via e-mail or call at 202.872.4557.


In terms of streaming content, which we define as the live transmission of national meeting content, it’s important for you to know that DAC and M&E are working on policies governing this activity. There are some divisions already engaging in streaming national meeting content. Similar to division recording of content, they are obligated to use official ACS A/V vendors, and to shoulder the cost associated with the streaming.


Whenever a division is recording or streaming content, we strongly urge them to obtain, well in advance, permission from the speakers involved. If you want assistance in terms of obtaining release forms that you can adapt for your use, please contact Carol Payton.


Shortly, DAC and M&E hope to provide some additional guidance surrounding the streaming of content. When that happens, we will alert the divisions.