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Awards Equity Implementation Team (AEIT)

Blog Post created by Carol Payton on Jul 17, 2014

Awards Equity Implementation Team (AEIT)


The ACS Board Committee on Grants and Awards (G&A) formed AEIT in 2014 to develop an implementation plan and implement policies and activities that address equity issues of access, opportunity, and selection within the ACS National Awards Program.  AEIT has the following mission and goals.


    Mission:  To implement policies and activities that will promote impartiality in the access, opportunity, and selection processes of the ACS National Awards program.



    1. Engage appropriate ACS units in proactive initiatives that promote fairness in the ACS National Awards processes.

    2. Initiate collaborative efforts to increase the number and diversity of outstanding national award nominees.

    3. Identify and explore alternative approaches for increasing the diversity of selection committee composition.

    4. Initiate efforts to ensure continuity of diversity in awards.

    5. Develop instruments emphasizing equity to aid the nomination and selection processes.


An extensive review of that national awards database indicates a critical need to address access and opportunity issues in the national awards program that will increase gender equity and industrial member representation in the awards‘ nominee pools.  Of the 64 national awards, 16 (25%) have no female nominees with 12 of these being technical awards.  In the 2015 nominee pool, 83% are male and 17% are female compared to ACS membership demographics of 71% male and 29% female.  In the same nominee pool, 91% are from academia and 8% are from industry/government compared to ACS membership demographics of 36% academia and 62% industry/government.  Furthermore, 20 (30%) of the national awards have 10 or fewer nominees.


To address these gender and employment nominee pool inequities, a distributed approach is viewed as the best chance for achieving success.  This involves the collaborative engagement of the ACS Board Committee on Grants and Awards (G&A), awards staff, AEIT, and ACS governance and members to increase quality and diversity in all areas of the awards process.


AEIT goal achievement, necessitates a partnership with the technical divisions to:

   • Proactively solicit nominations for awards that will increase the diversity of the outstanding award nominee pools, particularly women and those employed in industry

   • Provide G&A with member names for award selection committees with an emphasis on women and industrial members

   • Suggest areas for improvement in the awards process that will enhance access and opportunity for our members


For further information, contact Larry K. Krannich (, Chair AEIT.