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DAC Authorizes Pilot Program for New, Briefer Format of Recorded Content

Blog Post created by Carol Payton on Jul 17, 2014

DAC Authorizes Pilot Program for New, Briefer Format of Recorded Content


As you probably know, the Committee on Divisional Activities has a keen interest in finding ways to leverage the value of presentations delivered at our national meetings. For several years the Society has offered members full length recordings of selected presentations, known as ACS Presentations on Demand (ACS POD).


As we continue to offer ACS POD, we are now interested in testing presenter and audience interest in a much shorter and less structured alternative that would last 3-5 minutes known as  ACS POD Shorts.  A pilot program will be conducted during the San Francisco National Meeting.


In essence, participating presenters will use the 3-5 minutes of video time to share – with or without slides - what they think their fellow scientists most need to know about their San Francisco presentation.  Staff will set up a recording studio at a nearby hotel, and the selected presenters will make an appointment to deliver the ACS POD Short.  The speaker will be able to review the presentation in the studio to see if it meets with his or her satisfaction.


This new format will not replace our process for capturing full length presentations in technical sessions in San Francisco. That said, we believe the ACS POD Shorts offer a number of potentially important advantages:


  1. They may appeal to a wider range of presenters – even some with prior publication concerns – because they can simply talk about the research presented while excluding problematic data or other information.

  2. The shorter pieces of content may be more inviting to consume for time-challenged scientists -- people for whom the full-length traditional ACS POD may be too long.

  3. Presenters may record and review their presentation, doing several “takes” in our studio if necessary to create a satisfactory version.

  4. The presenter can choose just to talk, present in a regular format with slides, a combination of both or even conduct a question and answer with a colleague. They decide how best to use the 3-5 minutes.


We plan to produce a total of 25 ACS POD Shorts which translates to about eight or so from each of the three divisions participating in the pilot: AGFD, ORGN, and POLY.


Staff tested the concept at the recent ACS Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference last month with 10 conference presenters. You can view them at:


For more information about ACS POD Shorts pilot program contact: April Orr,