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Blog Post created by Carol Payton on Jul 17, 2014


July 2014


Project Purpose: To replace the PACS system that will be retired at the end of 2014. To provide a system for ACS members that will be easy-to-use and one that will allow program planners to work outside of the system while organizing their program.


Project Status: The Advisory Board continues to be engaged in the development of MAPS (Meeting Abstracts Programming System). The Advisory Board will have early access to the system in late July when they will be asked to validate the fixes that were deployed after the Mock Meeting.


The national meeting and regional meeting technical programming teams are working with Thomson Reuters/Scholar One to develop draft resource materials (i.e., user guides) for national and regional meetings. The Advisory Board will review the resources during their early access to MAPS and provide feedback for improving the information. Staff from the Membership and Scientific Advancement Division and Web Strategy and Operations is developing training modules that will prepare program chairs and symposium organizers for using the ACS Network for the offline process. These training sessions will be held during the fall of 2014 (closer to the time when these volunteers will need to utilize these skills).


The MAPS demo area will be located in the Moscone Center, South Bldg. during the San Francisco national meeting. ACS meeting attendees will be able to submit abstracts for the Denver national meeting as well as ask questions about MAPS.