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Nomenclature, Terminology, and Symbols Committee (NTS)

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Nomenclature, Terminology, and Symbols Committee (NTS)


What can NTS do for you?


The NTS committee acts on behalf of Council in matters relating to the chemical usage of nomenclature, terminology, symbols, and units, coordinates the activities within the Society, consults and advises editors of publications (including C&EN), initiates, reviews, and recommends adoption of documents and proposals (as appropriate), liaises with other national and international organizations, committees, and commissions similarly involved, and provides a means for members of the SOCIETY to participate in the consideration of these matters.


The NTS committee consists of experts in various fields of nomenclature, terminology, symbols, and units and individuals active at all academic education levels. Its members are active in both national and international organizations.


Examples of past NTS committee activities include sponsored symposia on the “Past, Present, and Future of the Kilogram”, the “Nomenclature of Nanotechnology”, and a “Redefinition of the Kilogram”, etc. Other past activities include active involvement in the decisions and setting of standards with IUPAC and IEEE, participation with ACS journal editors on the proper usage of nomenclature in SOCIETY journals, preparation of documents to explain the new SI definitions to ACS members, educators, and students, and the reporting to the SOCIETY of the naming of Element 112 (Copernicium, Cn) by the IUPAC.


Current NTS activities include Chemical Substances of Unknown or Variable composition and Biological Materials (UVCB) and their relationship in commerce, a symposium on the Redefining of the Kilogram and Mole (San Francisco), increased international visibility of ACS in matters concerned with nomenclature, and updates to nomenclature software. The NTS is also currently involved with the joint Working Party on New Elements and U.S. Adopted Names Program.


What can NTS do for you? To better serve ACS Division and Committee members, please contact us any time you desire additional information.


Albert C. Censullo ( – Chair, NTS

Gerald P. Fenske ( – ACS Staff Liaison

Paul Karol ( – Education Subcommittee

Donald Maclean ( – Liaison Subcommittee

Robert A. Yokley ( – Communication/Outreach Subcommittee

Tracy Williamson ( and Michael Mosher ( – Long Range Planning Subcommittee