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Update on Technical Division Innovative Project Grants

Blog Post created by Carol Payton on Jul 17, 2014

Update on Technical Division Innovative Project Grants


For consideration in San Francisco, the DAC Divisional Enhancement Subcommittee  received a total of 12 Innovative Project Grant (IPG) proposals: two from AGFD, one from ANYL, one from CARB, one from CELL, one from CHAS, one from CINF, one from ENVR, one from INOR, one from NUCL, one from PHYS and one from PROF. On Tuesday, August 12, applying technical divisions will each receive an e-mail notification regarding the outcome of their IPG proposal(s).


In the meantime, you can view a list of previously funded IPGs at ativegrant/past-innovative-project-grants.html

. In case your division missed the July 1st deadline to apply, the deadline to have your IPG proposal considered by DAC at the 2015 Denver National Meeting is Sunday, February 1, 2015.


Keep in mind that Divisions may now request up to $2,000 for IPG proposals specifically pertaining to strategic planning (which is deducted from the maximum $12,500 pool of allowable funds leaving $10,500 for funding for up to two proposals). For complete IPG guidelines and procedures, please visit  DAC requests that Divisions email status or interim reports (attached) to


If you have any questions about Technical Division IPGs, please contact Aviva Westheim (, staff liaison to the Divisional Enhancement Subcommittee of DAC.


Update on Division ChemLuminary Self-Nominations


For the ChemLuminary Award Recognition of Innovation and Outstanding Service to Members of a Division, DAC received six nominations:

  1. ANYL: “75th Anniversary Celebrations”

  2. BGMT: “Support for ACS Chemical Entrepreneurial Initiative and CEC Members”

  3. I&EC: “Academia and Industrial Pilot Plant Operations and Safety”

  4. MEDI: “Medicinal Chemistry India 2013”

  5. ORGN: “Graduate Research Symposium”

  6. RUBB: “Corporate Membership Program”


DAC selected the ORGN and RUBB Divisions as finalists.


In addition, DAC jointly sponsors a ChemLuminary Award with the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC), Outstanding Collaboration Between a Local Section and a Division. This award received five nominations:

  1. *Georgia Local Section in collaboration with BMGT and SCHB: “Chemical Business Symposium”

  2. *Indiana Local Section in collaboration with ORGN, I&EC, and CHAL: “Indiana Increased Technical Sessions at 246 ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis”

  3. Northeastern Local Section and ENVR: “AAAS Family Science Days”

  4. *Northeastern Local Section and ENVR: “National Chemistry Week on Cape Cod: Wicked Cool Science Café”

  5. *NUCL in collaboration with the Santa Clara Valley and California Local Sections: “Nuclear Chemistry & Technology Western Regional Meeting Symposium”


DAC selected collaborations numbered 1, 2, 4, and 5 above as finalists.


Congratulations to all local sections and divisions that were chosen as finalists! To find out the winners, please attend the 16th Annual ChemLuminary Awards celebration on the evening of Tuesday, August 12 as part of the ACS Fall 2014 National Meeting in San Francisco.


Nominate Your Division’s Event


Every Division is encouraged to self-nominate one successful event for one DAC-sponsored ChemLuminary Award in FORMS, as part of their annual report, by February 15, 2015. Nominations received by the deadline will be considered for acknowledgment at the ChemLuminary event held during the 2015 National Meeting in Boston.  Access these step-by-step user guides  (via Get Involved, Stay Involved located at ion-user-guide-forms-links.html), which outline the annual reporting and ChemLuminary nomination processes in FORMS.


If you have any questions about FORMS, please send an email to