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The East Central Illinois (ECI) local section of ACS brings you “Chemists Celebrate Earth Day." Join us Wednesday, April 22 from 4-6 p.m. at the Illini Union Ballroom to see how chemists can make a positive impact on the environment. In addition to invited speakers and networking opportunities, interactive demonstrations will be held in collaboration with the Women Chemists Committee (WCC), Young Chemists Committee (YCC), and Und@ergraduate Student Chapter. Raffle prizes and refreshments will be provided!


4:00 pm Peter Ashbrook on "Chemical Waste Management"

4:30 pm Earth Day Demonstrations

5:00 pm Roland Cusick on "Recovery from Wastewater"

5:30 pm Local Section Networking


Contact with any questions and learn more about how chemists celebrate earth day at:



Hello Everyone,


Hope all is well. The newly formed Younger Chemist Committee, with support from East Central Illinois ACS and Procter & Gamble, invites you to come and join us for a wonderful evening webinar, “Chemistry on the Silver Screen” on Tuesday February 24th at 5:00 pm in Noyes 161-162


This amazing event will not only features networking, trivia and a webinar with real life Hollywood science advisors, but also a RAFFLE for awesome prizes, such as beaker mugs, Frisbees, Hollywood Chemistry book, and other exciting prizes!


FAQ’s and event details below! 

Please RSVP so we can provide enough popcorn,snacks and refreshments.

Hope to see you there!

RSVP link:

Facebook link: Chemistry on the Silver Screen Facebook

Tweeter: @ECI-ACS

Questions? Email us:  or



The 2015 YCC Executive Board and ECI-ACS


Event Details:

5:00 pm networking
6:00 pm webinar
6:30 pm live and Q&A


Science is finding a bigger place on the silver screen and in our living rooms. What's behind this new attraction and how is Hollywood and the scientific community making the portrayal of the scientist and science more accurate? Join us for a discussion with real life Hollywood science advisors and learn from their behind-the-scene stories.



Donna Nelson: Science advisor to AMC television show Breaking Bad.
Alexis Gambis: Founder and artistic director of
Imagine Science Films.
Kevin R. Grazier: Science advisor for television series and movies, including "
Ann Merchant: Director of 
Science & Entertainment Exchange.



Q: I’m not a member  of ACS, can I come?

A: Of course!  Absolutely! Hope you can make it!


Q: I didn’t rsvp via the link or facebook, can I come?

A: You sure can!  We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Q: I’m not a chemist but love science, can I still come?

A: Definitely!  We hope you’ll join us for this exciting webinar!


Q: Can I bring my friends?

A: Yup, looking forward to meeting them during the networking portion!


Q: I can’t quite come at 5pm, can I come late?

A: Of course!  Networking @ 5 pm, Webinar @6 pm and Q &A at 6:30pm.


Hope to see you all there!


East Central Illinois ACS presents the new Young Chemistry Committee, they are holding their first elections this Friday, Feb 6th, at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the Chemical and Life Science Laboratory, Room 133, at 5:30 pm. An email was sent to all the members of the local section with a sort notice. If anyone is interested to attend but is not available, please write an email to or Evijola Llabani

What is YCC?

YCC is the Younger Chemist Committee. They advocate for and provide resources to students, early-career chemists and professionals in the chemical sciences and related fields.  YCC also addresses specific issues facing younger chemists within ACS and serves as their voice in ACS.

Who is member?

- Every chemist under the age of 35.

Why should you join?

YCC and their partners award the following:


  • CIBA award ( $1000 to travel to a national ACS meeting)
  • Leadership Development Award   ( All expenses covered to Leadership Development Workshop in Texas)
  • Priscilla Carney Jones  ( $1500 to undergraduate females)
  • Supports and encourages applications:  Waterman Award from NSF  ($ 1,000,000)
  • ChemLuminary Awards
  • Other  ACS Awards

any question regarding this event please contact:  Evijola Llabanieast.central.illinois.ACS@gmail.comYounger Chemists