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ACS Reactions - Short and Sweet Science Videos

Blog Post created by Lily Raines on Aug 9, 2016

If you are not already familiar with the series of videos called ACS Reactions, you are in for a pleasant surprise!


Since 2014, The ACS Reactions team has been producing high quality videos that explain the chemistry at play in our daily lives. This is, naturally, a great fit for anyone who works with Chemistry Festivals, science outreach, and any other communication with the public. Plus, they are very fun!


Videos are available featuring "life hacks" - such as how to make bananas ripen more quickly, get rid of fruit flies, or clean your home. There are videos about topics that are fundamentally interesting to many people on the internet - such as coffee, cats, dogs.


ACS Reactions also features scientists throughout history, particularly minority scientists, and great discoveries made from mistakes.


ACS Reactions also produces timely videos, such as an explanation of steriods and anti-doping efforts in the Rio 2016 Olympics and coverage of a recent crisis of high lead levels in water in Flint, Michigan, USA.


New videos are added each week, and there are currently 158 to choose from! Look through the collection and see what your community would find most interesting, there is sure to be something for everyone.


The above links are from YouTube. If you cannot access YouTube, you can also access the videos for free through iTunes. We are in the process of moving content to Youku for our colleagues in Greater China.


Have a topic you'd like to see covered? Let them know!


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