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WUHAN FARTHEST CHEMICAL CO., LTD are the integration of foreign trading and production company, located located in nine provinces of the international metropolis of WUHAN, where the cultural Festival, not only has the superior geographical position and strong technological strength, but also has a developed nation could be transport of radiation lines.

WUHAN FARTHEST CHEMICAL CO., LTD is mainly specialized in the Fluorine Chemicals foreign trading export company (in prior named of Wuhan Changjiang Chemical factory), we have twenty years experience in the production line of fluorine chemicals. We have more than a dozen high-ranking engineers and technicians in the company, and possess of advanced production technology to keep the same foundation with international technology. The company has first-class production technology and high-performance sales system basic on good product quality. We have formed four series products, more than 40 varieties as: fluoride salts, fluoride acid and its salts series, fluorine series of silicic acid and its salts, fluorine-containing surfactant series. Over years’ hard working, we have our own International Trade Department to break up the market all over the world, our products and service is well evaluated by our customers not only in mainland but also oversea customers.

Our excellent product quality and comprehensive technical supports for our customers, to make you feel comfortable using our products. The company insists on quality first, customer first, reasonable price and good service purposes. Sincerely welcome customers to negotiate and work together for our wonderful future.


Below is our contact information:


Address: Room 9F/C12, Caishen Square, East of Hankou Railway Station, Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Tel: 86-27-8241 0331  Fax: 86-27-8241 0331


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