• Job with just a BS in science

    Can I get a job in forensic science with only a Bachelor's in chemistry?
    Brittney Bryant
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  • Ph.Ds in forensic science

    What opportunities are available in forensic science for those with a Ph.D. in science?
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  • Forensics and organic chem labs

    Has anyone used forensic chemistry in an organic chemistry setting?   These students tend to have the least real life applications in their courses and it is very dry stuff.  Forensics could really make...
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  • Forensic Chemistry Course Lecture and Laboratory?

    Greetings!  I am new to teaching Forensic Chemistry.  We currently offer a 2-credit hour lecture course and I am considering increasing this to a 3-credit hour course.  I was curious: how many of the pr...
    Todd Hamilton
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  • How important in the Forensic Job Market is a Masters or Degree above? If it is which Graduate Schools should i be looking at?

    Hello all,   I'm Adam Tuttle and I'm going to be a Senior at Tri-State University/ Trine University in Angola, Indiana. I'll be graduating with a double major in Chemistry and Forensic Science but don't really k...
    Adam Tuttle
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  • Chemistry degree enough?

    Hey, I'm Zach, new to the forums. This is a neat group put together and a fascinating subject. I just graduated with my degree in Chemistry, and I'm working an internship with Anheuser-Busch at the moment. Is having a...
  • Forensic Science Internship Sites

      Hi, I am a junior Chemistry major hoping to get my Master's in Forensic Science. I would really like to do forensic research or get an internship in forensic science. Does anyone know of any good places to look...
    Brittney Bryant
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  • Forensic Chemistry vs Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Any information on Forensic Chemistry that is related to Pharmaceutical Chemistry? Thanks.
    Roger Liu
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  • how to include forensic chemistry into analytical chem curriculum?

    i would like to offer a forensic chemisty class in the spring with an analytical angle. i welcome any suggestions.
    Ruya Ozer
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