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Syracuse Local Section Science Café

Blog Post created by Laura Melohn on Jul 12, 2010



Topic: “Global Climate Change and the Energy Future of Our Community”


Speaker: Mr. Bob Bechtold, the owner Harbec Plastic


Number of Attendees: 230-250 Members: 30 Non-Members: 200+


Partners: SUNY Oswego


Summary: More than 200 people packed Sheldon Hall to listen to a remarkable presentation by businessman-turned-environmentalist Bob Bechtold. The owner of Harbec Plastic, an injection mold company, shared his story of going green and reducing the company's operating costs. The audience was amazed to find out that his company saved $159,000 and reduced its energy usage by 35 percent during a three-year period. Numerous questions followed Mr. Bechtold's presentation.


Science Café visitors included business owners, municipal leaders, and legislators of Oswego County as well as students and the general population. About 90 people stayed for a discussion after the event. Overall, the event was very successful and raised awareness of actions that could be taken to reduce our impact on the environment.


Thank you to the Syracuse Local Section for providing the summary of the event.