Laura Melohn

Middle Georgia Local Section Science Cafe

Blog Post created by Laura Melohn on Dec 1, 2010

The Middle Georgia local section hosted a science café focusing on the chemistry of the wine making process. The speaker, Vic Hubbard, a local wine expert prepared powerpoint presentations on the wine making process and allowed the audience to openly discuss each step. The conversation was very interactive and was set up like a trivia game to see who in the audience knew the next step or information about the next step in wine making. Sylvia’s Grille allowed the participants to select four different wines for a wine tasting portion of the event.
The audience consisted of local law enforcement officers, nurses, middle and high school teachers, college students, paramedics, college professors, and a few retired residents of the community. When surveyed about the science café, the audience provided feedback on ideas for future cafés and what they liked best about this event. The $300 grant money was used to pay for advertising, speaker expenses, and food for the event. The local section added an additional $100 to help cover food expenses and each participant paid for their own wine tasting. Overall, we had a great turn-out and we look forward to holding more science cafés in our section.


Thank you to Middle Georgia Local Section for providing the information for this blog entry.