Laura Melohn

Hawaii Local Section Science Cafe

Blog Post created by Laura Melohn on Dec 15, 2010

The Hawaii Local Section held several science cafes in 2009.  January’s premier  event introduced Dr. M. Lee Goff, Chaminade University, Forensic Scientist and  Consultant to TV series, CSI: Miami, February Dr. John Learned, University of Hawaii, “ET: So  Where Is He? Is there Alien Life in the Universe?”, March Dr. Bob Cooney, Cancer Research Center,  University of Hawaii, “Extreme Moderation – Disease Prevention with  Nutrition”, April  Michael Richlen, Hawaii Institute of Marine  Biology, “Playing Favorites? – Perspectives on Marine Mammals  Conservation”, May Jim Crisafulli, Director – Office of Aerospace  Development, DBEDT, “Stepping Stones to the Stars: Hawaii’s Rendevous with  Space”, June Dr. Rolf Peter Kudritski, Director, Institute  for Astronomy, “Stars and Humans – Astronomy in Hawaii.”  The local section partnered with Hawaii Academy of Science and Sigma Xi (the Research  Society).


Thank you to Hawaii Local Section for providing the information for this blog entry.