Laura Melohn

Savannah River Local Section

Blog Post created by Laura Melohn on Mar 9, 2011

The Savannah River Local Section held a science cafe about wind energy in the southeast by Ralph Nichols.  The event was held at University of South Carolina - Aiken.  Ralph, the Savannah River National Laboratory’s Wind Program manager, gave a brief presentation that was a
high-level overview of where wind-power can be used in the U.S., the current state of the technology, and what research is still being done to meet the DOE goal of 20% of U.S. power will be provided by wind in 2030. After this presentation, we had a discussion on the benefits of wind, what are some environmental concerns, what are the economic impacts for the State of South Carolina, and when will this resource be utilized. A reporter from the Verge, a local independent newspaper, came to hear the Science Café and to look at the newly revitalized Periodic Table.The event was promoted by announcing at the Department of Energy Science Bowl, which was held at USCA the previous weekend for high-school students.  An article was published in the Aiken Standard Newspaper and it was promoted in several professors' classes; And it was announced in our local section newsletter. The event was attended by 10 people.  Thank you to the Savannah River Local Section for the information for this blog.