Laura Melohn

Mid-Hudson Local Section Science Cafe

Blog Post created by Laura Melohn on May 4, 2011

Mid-Hudson Local Section held a Science Cafe at the Poughkeepsie, Barnes and Noble bookstore.  The Science Cafe featured Dr. Chris Smart who spoke about Honeybees in the Hudson Valley a Chemists Perspective.  The crowd numbered 25, the majority of whom were non-members.  The event was advertised in the local section newsletter and on their listserve as well as at local universities. 


This was the local section's second Science Café talk of the year and was a better topic for the general public and was held in a more public location at a local bookstore.   There were a few logistical problems we could have done better with but the main problem the section still has is advertising the talk.  Advertising should be more direct to the community but the local section was not sure how to accomplish this.  As a way to remedy this issue the local section has added to their Board an advertising position to help notify local newspapers and explore various other methods of letting the community know about the talks. 


The talk itself was very successful with lots of give and take between the speaker and the audience and the audience was very enthusiastic and interested.  This talk ran a bit longer than anticipated because of the interest shown by those attending.


Thank you to the Mid-Hudson Local Section for the information for this blog.