Peter Marino

Interested in making a science cafe for kids

Blog Post created by Peter Marino on Dec 19, 2012

I own a blog called and I'd like to make it into a non-profit that will help both children and adults gain the real world skills we need to compete in this technologically ruled world, but I need help from others. I own a Search Engine Marketing Company in NYC which keeps me very busy but it also gives me the know how to promote and design websites and businesses.  I believe with my skills and the help from others who are savvy in law and management we can make this happen.


As the father of a 5 year old I see our country falling way behind in the science, math and programming fields and I want to stop this degradation from happening. We can do it but it will require all of us to make programs like the one I am suggesting to happen.


If you are serious about helping me make this happen by investing time with me and gathering up friends and business partners to help please contact me through my websites or by responding to this.  Our kids future and the US as a whole depends on us doing the right thing.



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