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The American Association for the Advancement of Science needs scientists, engineers and physicians to assist K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) teachers in the District of Columbia and adjacent counties, including Loudoun and Howard Counties, during the 2019-20 school year. The details of the collaboration are worked out between the teacher and the volunteer, and may involve giving demonstrations, assisting in lab experiments, lecturing on special topics, assisting with homework, etc. The hours are flexible, and volunteers attend a one-day orientation session before being assigned to schools. To see how volunteers are assisting their teachers, view the video clips at If you care about K-12 STEM education and have time to share your knowledge with students and teachers, please send a note to with your home address, or call Betty Calinger, 202-326-6629.

Hello fellow Senior Chemists!  I work at GFS Chemicals, managing Customer Service and Sales teams in our Call Center.  We're a small, family-owned chemical manufacturer based in central Ohio.  As a chemist, I provide technical support for our products, discussing subjects like purity, particle size, solubility and concentrations, etc.


But some customers want more than that. They want to know, "will this work for my application?"  I can't advise them on their processes or applications.  Even if it's an application that I happen to know about, I can only discuss our products and their features, because we can't accept the liability of "she told me to do it!"


I'm curious: how many Senior Chemists work as Consultants in one way or another?  How many of you share your expertise for fun or profit?


There are many unschooled amateur chemists afoot.  For example, we get requests for conc HNO3 regularly from gold miners.  Some of them live in Colorado or Alaska, but most are right next door in Everytown, America.  The new gold mines are PC boards and they are everywhere.  I always ask, "how did you hear about GFS?" and they say either Google or YouTube.  There are very many YouTube videos on extracting and purifying gold from PC boards.


Another recent question: how does KMnO4 work to detect the presence of H2S in our field operations?  What?  I have no idea.  Sorry, I can't advise you on that.


I would love to be able to send customers to a website for help.  Not YouTube or Google or Wikipedia, but a forum of experienced chemists.


What is Your Opinion?

thank you!


If you worked on the Montreal Protocol, the next generation of chemists needs you to help them implement the Paris Agreement as successfully!

Please, come join us!!  For information, visit: climate-risk-facing-challenges-global-climate

Currently, the Senior Chemists Newsletter is sent to every ACS member by email online if they are over 50+, unless they let us know they would rather not receive it.

It was discussed that perhaps raising it to 55 would be a bit better since that has for a long time been the defacto age that many private corporations extend early retirement benefits to their workers... ie pensions.  However, some federal and some state and local governments begin pensions earlier... ie 50.


Is there a benefit of making it smaller, since at age 50 it is over half of the membership in the society and projections are that in the very near future it will only get worse... What if it included 70%?


On the other hand, why should there be any age restriction?