• Virtual CMA reception

    We all missed participating in the Committee on Minority Affairs because the National meeting was virtual. Good News! It has moved to a virtual platform! Register at https://bit.ly/37iqabo and https://h...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Chemluminary Awards

    The Senior Chemists Committee selects two Local Sections for awards in the Chemluminary Event. Thanks to Roger Bartholomew and the Awards committee for their deliberation and selection from many interesting events tha...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Zoom Guide available

    Senior Chemists Committee members have enjoyed using Zoom to stay connected during COVID-19. The Senior Chemists Zoom guide posted here  is designed for novices and avoids the use of computer jargon. The illustr...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Senior Chemists - staying safer at home

    We normally talk about the Senior Chemists on the Move! on this site. With the current normal, we find that senior chemists staying safer at home. One thing we are doing is lots of Zoom meetings! This is so easy, that...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Images from the Senior Chemists Breakfast in San Diego, August 27

    The following images were captured at the most recent Senior Chemists Breakfast held on Tuesday, August 27 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. Dr. Ralph Keeling presented a very interesting talk focused on the mer...
    Semora Smith
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  • STEM Volunteers in the DC area

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science needs scientists, engineers and physicians to assist K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) teachers in the District of Columbia and adjacent ...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Chemistry Expertise Wanted

    Hello fellow Senior Chemists!  I work at GFS Chemicals, managing Customer Service and Sales teams in our Call Center.  We're a small, family-owned chemical manufacturer based in central Ohio.  As a chem...
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  • 1st Annual International Workshop on Climate Risk Oct. 20-21 Wells, ME

    If you worked on the Montreal Protocol, the next generation of chemists needs you to help them implement the Paris Agreement as successfully! Please, come join us!!  For information, visit: https://www.climatel...
    Carole Leblanc
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  • Should the eligibility to be a member of Senior Chemists be a different age?

    Currently, the Senior Chemists Newsletter is sent to every ACS member by email online if they are over 50+, unless they let us know they would rather not receive it. It was discussed that perhaps raising it to 55 wou...
    James Chao
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