• I am looking for resources to start a mentoring group for our local Indiana chapter and/or Senior Chemists to work with graduate students at IUPUI.

    At the recent Indiana chapter meeting here in Indianapolis there was discussion and interest in starting a mentoring program for local graduate students. I am pulling together resources I have collected over the years...
    Matthew Russell
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  • Has anyone participated in a Citizen Science project?

    Just reading my AARP Bulletin which has some great stories in science projects where citizens can participate. There are some cool projects - cloud photos for NASA, water sampling, and even molecule design. These proj...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • One thing

    For those who have already retired, what one thing would you differently if you were retiring soon?
    Arlene Garrison
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  • How do I find older issues of SCC Newsletters

    How do I find older issues of SCC Newsletters.
    S Christensen
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  • Are universities educating too many or too few chemistry students?

    1 .A controversial topic which begs the question as to whether higher education should develop more B.S. graduates in graduates if there are not enough jobs for them to take. 2. Does your answer differ if we are talk...
    James Chao
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