• Current members who receive new member solicitations

    A question was forwarded to me from a current member.  That current member continues to receive solicitations from ACS to join.  Complicating her situation is that she is now using a hyphenated name - reflec...
    Donivan Porterfield
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  • Requesting info from K-12 teachers

    I am serving on the ACS's Tennessee Government Affairs Committee (TN-GAC), and we are actively advocating for support and improvement in STEM education.  We have facilitated the formation of a STEM Caucus within ...
    Joseph Peterson
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  • Accessible online video for keyboard-only users

    When making accessible online video we all tend to think about the needs of blind and deaf users, concentrating on subtitles and transcripts. These features, while essential, can be time-consuming and technically diff...
  • ACS National Meeting Presentation: The “design approach” to creating effective websites

    Designing and maintaining a customer friendly web site is crucial to any small business success, as nearly all customers are relying on the Internet to find information about the companies they do business with and th...
    Elisabeth Voress
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