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4/14/2011 - Cut & Paste

Blog Post created by Kate Sellar on Apr 14, 2011
What is Cut & Paste?

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2011 ACS President’s Challenge


Thank you for your continued efforts to help grow the ACS membership.  Thus far, ACS local sections and divisions have recruited 2,535 new members through the ACS President’s Challenge!


The ACS has three different resources to help you keep up the good work.  Each of the following Web sites describes the benefits of ACS membership for students and chemists abroad.


Worldwide.ACS.org - to help you recruit international members

GradStudent.ACS.org - to help you recruit graduate students

Undergrad.ACS.org - to help you recruit undergraduate students


By bringing in students and international members, you can benefit from an increase in participation and contributions from these new members.


For full details about the President’s Challenge, visit www.acs.org/MAC.