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6/09/2011 - Cut & Paste

Blog Post created by Kate Sellar on Jun 9, 2011
What is Cut & Paste?

Cut & Paste is a valuable resource for ACS Local Section and Division editors/webmasters who want timely content for their website or newsletter.  Peruse the items listed and simply copy the information your audience will want to read into your newsletter or website.



IYC Virtual Journal – A Must Read!


Every month through this landmark year, the IYC Virtual Journal will highlight the many ways in which chemistry improves everyday life for people around the world through the cutting edge research presented in ACS Publications.  Join ACS in celebrating how chemists and other scientists work to protect theenvironment; develop lifesaving new medicines; create cleaner, greener and moresustainable sources of energy; design new materials for cars, buildings,electronics as products, medical implants and a host of other products. Those four specific topics — health, energy, environment, and materials — are the core themes of the IYC Journal. Free access to the full text of the selected journal content is available to all visitors of the IYC Virtual Journal throughout 2011. Visit http://iyc2011.acs.org/virtual-journal/ to start reading now!

ACS Webinar Events for July 2011!


AmericanChemical Society Webinars (ACS Webinars™) is a weekly online event connecting ACS members and scientific professionals with subject matter experts and global thought leaders in chemical sciences, management, and business on a variety of professional issues. Each webinar is 60 minutes in length, comprising of a short presentation followed by Q&A. The live webinars are held on Thursdays (andsome Tuesdays) from 2-3pm ET.


View and register for upcoming events at www.acswebinars.org/events or email acswebinars@acs.org. Can’t make it? View past webinars at www.acswebinars.org/archives.


July Events:


Thursday, July 7, at2pm ET:“Chemistry & the Economy Mid-Year Review,” with Paul Hodges

Description: Financial markets are again becoming more volatile, threatening the value of our pensions and investments. Commodity markets are soaring, pushing up the cost of living.  What are the underlying causes of these dramatic developments?  Join our speaker, Paul Hodges, of International eChem, as he shares strategies for riding thewaves of these uncertain economic waters. Learn how understanding the economy and chemical industry trends can help you better plan for your career and business. 

Registration: http://acswebinars.org/hodges2011

Cost: Free


Thursday, July 14, at2pm ET “Publishing Your Scientific Research: Chat with Editors,with Dr. Cynthia Burrows and Dr. George Schatz

Description: For scientist, publishing in a peer reviewed journal is the means to communicate your research and gain acknowledgement for your work. For academia,you’ve heard it many times, “publish or perish.” But how do you catch the eye of professional journal editors for your work? Just what does it take to get published in highly regarded journals? Join our speakers, Dr. Cynthia Burrows, Sr. Editor with Journal of Organic Chemistry, and Dr. George Schatz, Editor in Chief with Journal of Physical Chemistry, as they share strategies to improve the chances of getting your work published.

Registration: http://acswebinars.org/

Cost: Free


Thursday, July 21, at 2pm ET “Who’s Around the Corner? Performing TechnologyScouting and Market Feasibility Analysis” with Pamela Roach and Elaine Harris

Description: More scientific professionals are turning to consulting as a career. Atthe same time, more and more companies are hiring consultants as a cost effective business approach. But finding those key resources to build your consulting practice presents a challenge for many consultants. In this session,our presenter and a successful consultant John Newport, will share valuabletips on the many cost-effective resources available for consultants that canhelp you find your next project, market your technical expertise, be in legal compliance, and develop those necessary skills to sustain your consulting business.

Registration: http://acswebinars.org/

Cost: Free


Thursday, July 28, at2pm ET “SBIR Funding Opportunities with NCI/NIH –Priority Areas for 2012” with Dr. Ali Andalibi

Description: Calling all entrepreneurs and small businesses! Have ideas and needfunding? The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Development Center provides funding opportunities for small firms to apply cutting edge and high risk scientific and engineering research to pursue commercial opportunities. Join us with speaker, Dr. Ali Andalibi, Program Director at the NCI, as he explains and answers your questions on securing funding from NCI. Don’t miss out on the LIVE Q&A.

Registration: http://acswebinars.org/andalibi

Cost: Free


The Fine Print

ACS Webinars™ does notendorse any products or services. The views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies ofthe American Chemical Society.