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U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad program would like to proudly announce the success of the Alpha Delta Team at the 43rd International Chemistry Olympiad competition, which concluded July 18, 2011 in Ankara, Turkey.


U.S. Team students:


  • Konstantin Borisov of North Allegheny Senior High School, PA, won Gold Medal


  • Tayyab Shah of Vestal High School, NY received Silver Medal


  • Elmer Tan of Vestal High School, NJ earned Silver Medal


  • Joe Tung of Gretchen A. Whitney High School, CA won Gold Medal.


The USA Team students competed against 269 students from 69 countries.

The theme for the 242nd ACS National Meeting (Denver, Colorado; August 28-September 1) covers a lot of territory with the program title of Chemistry of Air, Space and Water.  Thematic Program Chair Ronald Cohen (Professor, UC Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science; Director, Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center) has organized foundation symposia related to the theme and other symposia within in the technical division programs.  Chemistry as a Tool for Space Exploration and Discovery at Mars and Exploring Planet Interiors: Experimental & Theoretical will discuss the chemistry and physical properties of planets and other objects in our solar system.  Nitrogen and the Human Endeavor: Chemistry, Effects, and Solutions will incorporate air and water and the role of Nitrogen in climate change.  The Plenary Session will underscore the thematic program with lectures on complexity and climate change, sustainable earth chemistry, and the high-pressure/high-temperature chemistry occurring on planetary objects.  Dr. Susan Solomon (NOAA and U. Colorado) will tie all of the Denver theme topics together in The Kavli Foundation Innovations in Chemistry Lecture, The enduring challenges of ozone depletion and climate change: How planetary chemistry is changing science and society.

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