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You are invited to help the American Chemical Society Board, committees, and management to better understand the key trends that will affect chemists, chemistry, and the Society in coming years.  Attendees of the New Orleans National Meeting can participate in a one-hour discussion of research into what the future might hold. Topics raised during this discussion will be used to improve the focus of ACS offerings to maximize their value to you.  If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, please volunteer by emailing with your name and contact information before Friday, March 8.  Participants will receive a gift card as a token of thanks.  We are interested in what you think.

The LSAC Subcommittee on Grants and Awards is now accepting Local Section Innovative Project Grant (IPG) proposals through January 31, 2013. The purpose of the Local Section IPG Program is to initiate projects in local sections to increase member involvement, improve services to members, and increase the public's understanding of chemistry. Each local section IPG proposal can be funded up to $3,000.


It is a requirement that local sections submit final reports for any previously funded IPGs in order to be considered for new proposals. Once any outstanding final reports are received, your local section can apply for an IPG by filling out an application form and submitting electronically, along with relevant letters of support, to The deadline for receipt of proposals is January 31, 2013.

We’re looking for a fresh, new, chemistry-related t-shirt design. Specifically, we’re looking for new and original designs around your favorite periodic table element. Do you have something witty you’ve been dying to see in print? Some chemistry pun about an element that is too good to keep to yourself? Submit your ideas by February 6, 2013 to and you could win a $100 Amazon gift certificate! Detailed artwork design is not required to be entered into the contest but please submit a full description of your t-shirt idea. The top designs will be selected for voting in February here on the ACS Network.


The best part is... we’ll print and sell the winning design in the ACS Store at the 245th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans this April. We'll also give you and a friend t-shirts with your winning idea.

Check out the winning design from our previous contest in the ACS Store. Hurry—the deadline for entry is February 6!

ACS Webinars Coming in February, broadcasted live, every Thursday from 2-3 PM EST.



About ACS Webinars™

ACS Webinars™ is a free, weekly online event serving to connect ACS members and scientific professionals with subject matter experts and global thought leaders in chemical sciences, management, and business. The ACS Webinars are divided into several series that address topics of interest to the chemical and scientific community; these series include careers, business and innovation, professional growth, joy of science, extreme chemistry, entrepreneurial initiative,  green chemistry, and more. Each webinar is 60 minutes in length, comprising a short presentation followed by Q&A with the speaker. The live webinars are held on Thursdays from 2-3pm ET. Recordings of the webinars are available online and upcoming events are posted at