Angela Morris

SOCMA’s Chemical Operator Training Program

Blog Post created by Angela Morris on Apr 15, 2015

SOCMA’s Chemical Operator Training Program provides comprehensive material to help your new employees to become informed, knowledgeable and safety-conscious plant operators.  The 14-chapter curriculum covers topics ranging from the fundamentals of math, chemistry and work/energy to reactor operation and plant economics. It serves as a great resource for guidance of systems, practices and processes. If your facility is required to be certified under Process Safety Management, the program also assists with OSHA compliance. To learn more about this training program, click here.  

SOCMA is currently expanding its focus to the community college and job training center sector with the goal of offering the training as a 3-credit semester long course. One of the challenges faced by schools is securing qualified local instructors.  If you are interested in serving as an instructor, contact Tatiana Letcheva directly at, or (202) 465-4903.