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On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT


How do deserving and accomplished chemical scientists from diverse backgrounds become ACS award nominees and potentially winners? Join ACS for a short presentation and live Q&A in order to learn the key aspects of preparing for and creating a successful nomination package for an ACS National Award. The strategies discussed in this webinar are based on a recent ACS National Meeting session and will help enhance the quantity, quality and diversity of nominations. Attendees will understand how to better prepare for the creation of competitive nomination packages that reflect how they will be reviewed, how to conduct nomination and selections processes with the same professionalism used for publications and other scholarly endeavors, and much more. Discover more details and Register today!


Jointly sponsored by the ACS Board Committee on Grants and Awards, the ACS Women Chemists Committee, and ACS Webinars

LSAC is sponsoring two pilot grants with funding available to local section members to support key ACS strategic initiatives:

Virtual Event Participation Grant

Local Sections can be awarded seed funding to plan and implement hardware and/or software infrastructure to facilitate the ability of Section members to participate in events from a remote location. LSAC can fund up to $1,500 per application submitted. Read more about this funding opportunity and apply.


Project MEET

Local Sections can be awarded funding to plan an event that brings together senior chemists with youth ages 3-17 for a mutual exchange of expertise and technological know-how. For example, senior chemists could provide a demonstration of engaging chemistry drawn from their own professional experience, and the children could capture a video on smartphones to share with the senior chemists how to upload the video to a YouTube channel, or share it with a friend on various social media outlets.  Activities and technology would depend on the interests and expertise of the participants. Mini-grants are available up to a maximum of $400 for an activity sponsored by an ACS Local Section. Apply for this funding opportunity.


Important Note:  Monday, October 17th is the deadline to submit applications for both the LSAC Virtual Event Participation Grant and Project MEET.


We are enthusiastic to review the various collaborative ideas put forth in your applications.


Any questions regarding these funding opportunities can be sent to