• Mark and Latrease,

    If we truly want an open and complete discussion of FORMS then we need to have one running dialog on it. From what i can see we have several different discussions on going. This does not get all of the information to ...
    Brenda Snyder
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  • Local section Facebook page

    I had the idea to create a Facebook page for my local section.  However I am not sure of any best practices and guidelines have been established through national ACS.  Can anyone point me in the right direct...
    Kelley Caflin
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  • Accept Secure and Non-Secure Items in FORMS

    FORMS users using Internet Explorer will receive the security warning (pictured below) that "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items."  It is OK to accept this security warning as this is an expected o...
    Mark Obrien
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  • ChemLuminary Awards Self-Nominations in FORMS

    Please be aware of the new method for submitting self-nominations for ChemLuminary Awards using FORMS.   Outstanding Performance Awards:   Self-nominations for the Outstanding Performance Awards are capt...
    Mark Obrien
    created by Mark Obrien
  • The ACS Network: A Key Tool for ACS Volunteer Leadership

    The world is abuzz about social networking, and it’s easy to see why. Social networking has become a key tool for global communication and collaboration. ACS recognized social networking’s importance withi...
    Tamara Coombs
    created by Tamara Coombs
  • Do Any Local Sections or Divisions have Newsletter content to Share?

    Many Divisions and Local Sections have excellent Newsletters, many with high quality, monthly (or quarterly) columns.  Are any of these groups interested in sharing these columns with other groups?  While no...
    Les McQuire
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  • Better format for cut-and-paste

    Now that cut-and-paste is being distributed via the ACS Network, it is time to develop a more web-friendly format. It's just nuts to have to click on a topic to take you to a page to link to a Word document to downloa...
    Eric Ressner
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