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ACS Keynote Speaker - Dr. Shannon Lucid

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By Attila E. Pavlath


Space Chemistry: How it Helps Space Exploration

Monday, April 3, 8:00 am–11:55 am

2000, Mosconne Center


     The keynote speaker of this symposium will be Dr. Shannon Lucid. Shannon is an ACS member and one of the first woman astronauts. She held the record for spending the most time, six months, on the International Space Station carrying out various experiments. She will give a summary of her work, discussing the importance of space chemistry research and give her view about the future. She stated that she had a dream to be both a chemist and an astronaut.

     “Space: the final frontier." As the famous Star Trek quote hints, space is becoming more and more important. This is the reason why a group of domestic and international ACS members petitioned last year the formation of a Division of Space Chemistry. (See

     The process is underway and the formation of this new Division is expected to be approved by ACS Council at the Fall Meeting in Washington DC. Since nothing can be done by this future Division until it is officially approved, last year Dr. Donna Nelson, then ACS President recognizing the importance  of chemistry in space exploration, recruited the Younger Chemists Committee to sponsor a Space Chemistry Symposium at the Spring ACS meeting in San Francisco. The proponents of Division acquired 15 experts in this area both domestic and international to deliver lectures on Monday, April 3.