Maya Nilkant

WCC/Eli Lilly Travel Award Poster Session

Blog Post created by Maya Nilkant on Jun 6, 2017

By Amy Balija


On Tuesday, August 23, WCC hosted ten WCC/Eli Lilly Travel Award winners at a poster session preceding the WCC luncheon. Ranging from just finishing undergraduate to completing post‐doctoral studies, each woman had an unique story to share. The award winners were Brittney Anderson (University of California, Davis), Brittney Armstrong (University of California, Davis), Elizabeth Cleverdon  (Syracuse University), Vedanjali  Gogineni (University of Mississippi), Laura Hawk (University of Minnesota), Sarah Johnson (Purdue University), Kayleigh McGovern (Syracuse University), Molly Vergerame (University of Rose Island), Clorissa Washington (University of South Carolina) and Lizzie White (Duke University). Their research focused on biochemistry, biotechnology, inorganic, and medicinal chemistry. The poster session was well attended with ACS governance members, Eli Lilly representatives, and other conference attendees. Following the hour long poster session, the WCC/Eli Lilly Travel Award winners were honored at the WCC luncheon.