Michelle Rogers

WCC “Just Cocktails” Kicks Off 90th Anniversary Celebration!

Blog Post created by Michelle Rogers on Jul 27, 2017

By Kim Woznack


The WCC Open Meeting and “Just Cocktails” reception was held on Monday, April 3, 2017. WCC Chair Dr. Laura Sremaniak, presented an overview of the Women Chemists Committee and a description of the Spring 2017 meeting programming, with special attention to the 90th Anniversary of the group. Dr. Sremaniak also individually recognized the 2017 WCC Rising Stars.  During the “Just Cocktails” reception, attendees were able to review classic articles and documents in celebration of the WCC’s 90th anniversary, as well as a slide deck showing photos from various WCC events and committee functions. Organized by WCC, the “Just Cocktails” reception was held with support from ecosVC.