Michelle Rogers


Blog Post created by Michelle Rogers on Mar 5, 2018

Have you ever felt devalued or slighted at work? Do you sometimes witness other colleagues being devalued or slighted? Are these incidents related to individuals’ demographic membership? If yes, please consider participating in our study - all genders, races/ethnicities, disciplines welcome.


Funded by the NSF ADVANCE Program, the University of Massachusetts Lowell is conducting a national study to chronicle the experiences of faculty with microaggressions.  We are interested in microaggresions - both personally experienced and/or witnessed- and their relationship to employees’ job satisfaction and well-being.  Collecting daily data of participants’ workplace experiences will provide valid insights into how often microaggressions occur, how they are dealt with and their consequences. All information provided will remain confidential; any identifying information provided would be removed during data processing.


Participants will: 

  • Complete a 20-minute baseline questionnaire on the first day of participation
  • Complete a 2-4-minute daily survey for 30 consecutive days thereafter at an afternoon/evening time that works for you
  • Be asked to report personal and/or witnessed microaggressions related to your work environment
  • Will receive an Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation for your time and effort; the amount is based on your level of participation, up to $50.


To participate, or learn more about this study, please visit our website (put in the name AND the hyperlink) UML MAKING WAVES Daily Bias Survey website. Inquires or concerns regarding your participation or this study in general, can be directed to the PI, Michelle Haynes-Baratz at Michelle_HaynesBaratz@uml.edu


Post written by: Lorena Tribe