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Synthetic Chemistry Addressing Challenges in Energy and the Environment

Blog Post created by Michelle Rogers on Aug 10, 2018

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By Amy Balija and Ana de Bettencourt-Dias


On Sunday, March 18th, a symposium celebrating the accomplishments of female scientists in the field of synthetic chemistry approaches towards energy and environmental challenges occurred at the 255th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans. This symposium was held in conjunction with the recent publishing of a Virtual Issue highlighting female synthetic chemists.  


Professors Ana de Bettencourt-Dias, Amy Prieto and Louise Berben, co-editors of the Virtual Issue, identified 22 female colleagues, whose research recently had been published in Inorganic Chemistry and the Journal of the American Chemical Society, on topics related to synthetic chemistry addressing challenges in energy and the environment.


Simultaneously, the three co-editors organized a symposium at the 255th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. The symposium, sponsored by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry, featured several principal investigators from the Virtual Issue and female scientists at primarily undergraduate institutions. The result was an amazingly vibrant all-day symposium, featuring 18 speakers, and the audience was treated to excellent presentations on a variety of approaches towards solving problems related to our environment and society.


As an excellent addition to the “Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water” theme of the 255th ACS National Meeting, the symposium provided a high attendance, much though-provoking discussion and hopefully will stimulate even more research progress towards addressing urgent issues in the environment and sustainability.