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WCC Fall 2018 Chair Newsletter

Blog Post created by Michelle Rogers on Aug 10, 2018



Welcome to the Fall 2018 WCC Newsletter!  WCC has been busy during 2018 continuing to work towards our vision of “Empowering Women throughout the Chemical Enterprise”.  I’m happy to report some updates regarding our work.


During the Spring 2018 national meeting in Boston, the WCC implemented a new Project Portfolio-based committee structure.  Previously the WCC used a traditional subcommittee structure, populated by the appointed members and associate members of WCC.  One goal of implementing a new structure was to allow more input, involvement, and engagement from ACS members in carrying out the projects, programs and events.  Some of the projects that we are interested in getting help on include: planning events at the ACS national meetings (either social or technical events), publicizing WCC efforts (locally or nationally) and assisting us in the execution of WCC awards (recruiting applicants and potentially award reading).  If you are interested in helping out the WCC, please reach out to us at wcc@acs.org.  In your email please mention which of these WCC efforts you are volunteering to help with. 


One of the goals of the WCC is recognition of women chemists by publicly highlighting their accomplishments.  At the upcoming Boston national meeting, we will have two very special awards symposia.  On Sunday, August 19th at 8:25am, the WCC will celebrate the winners of the WCC Merck Research Award at the Westin Boston Waterfront, Marina Ballroom II.  We will also feature a symposium in honor of Valerie Kuck recipient of the 2018 Garvan-Olin Medal.  This symposium in Val’s honor will be on Monday, August 20th, starting at 1:30pm at the Boston Sheraton Hotel, in the Independence East ballroom. 


In a recent interview with The Harvard Gazette, successful fiction writer Lauren Groff is asked by interviewer Colleen Walsh, how she has produced three novels and two short-story collections in the span of 10 years, while also being the mother of two children.  https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2018/07/lauren-groff-on-florida-as-a-stat e-of-mind/?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily%2520G azette%252020180718

Groff replied that she respectfully declined to answer this question as long as male writers are not the same question. 


I found this answer to be fascinating.  This is a question that the contributing authors of the book “Mom the Chemistry Professor” chose to tackle head on.  The second edition of this book, an official project of the WCC, was just released.  This project is directly related to another one of the goals of the WCC, which is to increase the engagement and retention of women chemists.  In order to retain women chemists who might be interested in balancing an academic chemistry career with a family, the authors from a variety of background have chosen to share their experiences, including both the challenges they have faced and the strategies they have used to succeed and flourish.  A full-day symposium featuring a variety of authors will take place on Tuesday, August 21st, at the Boston Sheraton Hotel, Liberty C.  Following the symposium, the WCC will have its Open Meeting during its Just Cocktails social gathering. 


We hope that you’ll be able to join us in Boston to advocate for, recognize and celebrate women chemists. 


by Kimberly Woznack